• Eyephone B Pro

    New mass-produced AR binocular glass with stereo camera


    "BLUESTER creates optical see-through

    technologies that allow users an unique experience

    of augmented reality solution."

    BLUESTER is created by a group of technical and commercial experts, specialized in optic, machine vision and manufacturing. More than 10 years ago, our team members started to work on optical see-through technology. Since then, keeping up with change from strategy to execution is our creed.

    Today, committed to promoting mobile augmented reality solutions for professional clients, we have developed and released the Eyephone series glasses.


    Bluester Eyephone B Pro AR glass

    Advanced AR glasses & Applications

    Bluester Turn-key augmented reality solutions

    Turn-key Solutions for Professional Fields

  • Hardware Prouducts

    Leading AR glass supplier

    Eyephone B Pro

    Lcos based high-brightness AR binocular glass, with stereo cameras


    First mass-produced AR binocular glass in China


    Mobile Augmented Reality Monocular Glass

    A light and steady design

    EPW AR glass

    Professional AR glass connected to PC / Mac

    PMD AR Glass

    MG-1 AR Mask

    Worldwide first-commercialized AR mask

  • Solutions for enterprises and professional fields

    Turn-key solutions for our clients

    Remote Assist platform with AR annotation

    Remote Assist BWork

    Bluester Technology proposes a AR annotation based bidirectional streaming service platform. Expert is available to guide remote workers how to operate with real time assisting annotations and video/audio communication. Meanwhile, a document system has been set up to help small companies. Welcome to contact us for more information 

    Tele-Medicine BMed

    The use of augmented reality in the Health field, particularly in surgery, is all the more relevant because this practice involves performing meticulous operations on human beings. Enhanced view technologies allow a surgeon performing a complex operation to view information relevant to the patient directly overlaid on the working area.

    Warehouse Logistique BLog

    Augmented reality in picking jobs drastically reduces the human error rate. For an order picker, picking by vision means lower costs due to processing, returning and reprocessing non-compliant packages. For the final customer, this means a flawless brand image!

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